Welcome to my blog, its nice to see you.

I am a passionate Psychology Lecturer who loves the subject and wants to share it with the whole world (Did you know we can selectively ignore something as out of place as a gorilla walking across a college passageway without even realising it? Check this out…  How bizarre is that! You’d like to think we are aware of everything around us, but I guess we live in more of a bubble than we realise.

Did you also know, no matter how good our memory is, we can only remember around 7 (+ or – 2) items at once, unless we have a technique such as ‘chunking’ things together or use another form of memory trick? Makes me feel better about my rubbish memory!

And…. have you ever noticed how a smell can bring back a memory that you didn’t even know you still had? Like a cheap perfume gives you a real ‘flashback’ of the girls toilet block at school 20 years ago. Well, its because one of the oldest parts of our brain, the limbic system’ which processes smell, is really close in physical proximity to the hippocampus which largely processes memory and the messages tend to ‘mingle’.

Oooh, that’s another thing I love about Psychology, the terminology! There are some fantastic words. I think one of my favourites is ‘corpus colosum’, which, incidentally is the bundle of cords that connect the two halves of the brain – yes, the brain is in two distinct separate halves.

Anyway, I hope this blog will do my enthusiasm justice. I also hope that it will give an insight into who I am, where I came from, how I got to where I am now and where I aim to get to. I would love your feedback so please feel free to comment on any posts and I promise to read them all. Now, sit back and step into the world that is ‘Diane Davies’….


I’m currently working on a lecture that I’ll be delivering to the U3A tomorrow. The topic of the lecture is ‘Prejudice and Discrimination’, so, here’s a question for you; Do you think prejudice is a ‘personality thing’ i.e. are we born with the trait or do you think it is caused/influenced by the society we live in?



In the 1950’s a study into prejudice was conducted on a group of black and white miners in West Virgina. It found that when the men were working together underground, there was almost total integration, and yet above ground there was almost total segregation.

A possible explanation for this inconsistent behaviour is the impulse to conform to social norms. Basically, below ground the men had a lot in common and were expected to get along and work together However, above ground, in the ‘real world’, racism was rife and mixing with people of a differing colour was not normal practice so the men simply behaved in a way that they felt was expected. There’s nowt as funny as folk!


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